Blessings From The Womb Whisperer


Atlanta native and author Samantha Denäe is a former writer and entertainment blogger who has worked with Upscale Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, Kontrol Girl Magazine, and The Jasmine Brand. Her work has been highlighted and praised by The Natural Hair Magazine, Sweet Auburn Link and Veu Magazine.

Samantha Denäe is known for pushing the envelope to discover how far words can go to spark conversations about topics that others tend to shy away from. She entices her readers with real-life story telling through novels, short stories, and poetry with a twist.

Beginning as a blog idea, Samantha Denäe decided to push the pen and write her first novel, The Defense. It was released and published in 2015 and is available on Barnes & Nobles and Amazon. Following her novel, Traces of Her Mind: A Reflection of Life and Love, a collection of letters and poems to herself was released. In May 2018, she released her third book, The Defense Too.

She did not stop there! At the age of 24, she was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Although the journey has not been easy, she found joy in welcoming, unlearning, and learning herself through womb healing to heal her Endometriosis. Currently, Samantha Denäe serves as an Advisory Board member with The Endometriosis Foundation of America and assists with educating students through The ENPOWR Project as The ENDO Educator. Samantha Denäe also co-hosts “The V Dot Podcast” alongside April Christina and Lauren Renee.  

I2019, Samantha Denäe became Reiki Master Certified (Level II) & in 2020 created ENtouch Womb Herbal Detox Capsules as a way to heal her 90 day period and infertility issues stemming from Endometriosis. She is a GA State licensed Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and is continuing her path to healing goddesses through yoni steaming as a practicing Yoni Steam Practitioner. 

Keep an eye out for what she has in store for her avid readers and menstrautors!