The Defense Too

With Miles’ murder on her heels, Avery finds herself in the midst of turmoil, tragedy, and pain. Now at her lowest point and unsure of how to bounce back, she is put on a path of a major discovery.

After continuous therapy, running into an old friend, and losing a good one, Avery takes matters into her own hands. Though it won’t be easy and having the relentless thought of Miles not being in her life, Avery realizes that she can’t forgive herself, but more importantly, she can’t forgive Darren.

Now on her quest to find forgiveness, she also seeks revenge. Through twists and turns Avery finds out who she truly is and that when it’s time she can demand action on her own without the fear of Darren’s wrath. In the end the burning question remains: in the fight of love and war, whose defense will reign supreme?

The Defense Too


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